EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: How to Make Live Lobster Sushi Roll HD

How to make sushi out of a dwell lobster, this video will display you how to get rid of a lobster humanely then how to cook the lobster and put together sushi out of it.

– Dwelling Lobster
– 100g cooked sushi rice:
– Freshly grated wasabi
– Avocado
– Chives
– Cucumber
– Spicey mayo:
– Masago(capelin roe):
– black toasted sesame seeds & white toasted sesame seeds

The plate employed in this cooking video clip, olive wood reducing board

lobster cooking moments by lobster body weight:

1 pound/ .45kg 7-8 minutes
1.25 pounds/ .56kg 9-10 minutes
1.5 lbs/ .68 kg 11-10 minutes
1.75 pounds/ .79kg 12-13 minutes
2 kilos/.9kg 15 minutes
2.5 kilos/1.13kg 20 minutes

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