DIY 3D Watermelon Pillow Of 6 Slices With Zippers – How To Make A Ball Watermelon Pillow With Slices HD

Simple way to make a NO-SEW ball-formed watermelon pillow which is made up of 6 natural-wanting slices. Every single watermelon slice has a zipper, so you can change ball-shaped watermelon pillow into slices, or unzip just just one or couple of of them. It is an interactive and building pillow.

I exhibit how to make it in no-sew way, but you can sew the sections if you want or you should not have glue gun.

To make a 3D Watermelon Pillow (6 slices) you will need to have:
pink and environmentally friendly fleece cloth (or any extend material). If you want to make just one slice – use outdated T-shirts
white acrylic paint (it is water-proof and flexible) or fabric paint
hot glue gun (or sew as a substitute)
6 darkish environmentally friendly zippers
black felt for seeds

Every watermelon slice is a fantastic vacation pillow! So if you want just one – just make a single slice alternatively of 6. And you will not zippers then 🙂

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