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GTA 5 Android & iOS – GTA 5 Mobile (Download APK) FULL 2018

This will show you how to get GTA 5 for Android.

This is the newest patch, tested and working as of today (Oct/Nov 2018).

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download gta 5 android 2018
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This method uses a specific server-based emulator method and works on mobile, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony and other brands as well as pretty much any other device! This is a private port which bypasses the restrictions of the GPU optimization and allows you to use dev code. The game is fully functional and ready to play. I love to play this game daily and it’s, in my opinion, the best release and literally the only one that works for me. I have no idea how they port it, but it’s a great port and great website. Hopefully they will keep it updated, so download it while you still can but anyways it is a great game and great port. This is the only version that works and I wouldn’t trust any other. BTW, remember to share it with others if you want them to enjoy the game and be sure to share it on social media too! You are allowed to download it as many times as you want on as many devices as you want it, wherever, whenever. The server has a lot of free space and I already got it on my OnePlus 3, iPad and iPhone 8, good luck and good job.

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You don’t need to download anything but the installer, everything is done FAST and EASY during installation! Remember that this might sometimes take up to 5-10 minuted depending on your internet speed, I’ve even had people tell me that it took them 30 minutes before they got their game, so please be patient! Anyway, this still works 100% as of today, so it’s worth the wait! If you have any questions just comment below! Comment, subscribe and like!

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